We have been pretty Halloween crazy in the Big Boo Little Boo (BBLB) house since the actual event a couple of weeks ago.  Big Boo now has a fascination with all things glowing and is repeatedly turning the lights off to run around the house with torches and glow sticks, chasing Little Boo in glee.

Another developed interest is spiders, probably also due to a rather large Spiderman crush that has been going on.  I picked up some green masking tape at the supermarket the other day and decided to create this huge spider’s web on the floor (having seen a smaller example pinned for Halloween on http://www.notimeforflashcards.com  ).  I stuck it down at night so when Big Boo came down in the morning he was really excited,  It has been on the floor over a week now and has been used in lots of different ways-

Throwing spiders on it to catch the flies, running around on it when dancing (to BB and LB’s preferred bluegrass station!), catching bubble ‘flies’ on it, and today using it to line up his extensive car collection.

We just pulled the web up tonight (which was great fun in itself, the collected tape made a huge sticky ball to throw around).  I plan to have  a couple of days break then I’ll put something new on the floor.  I have a few ideas for this tape so watch this space to see what else happens…


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