Dinosaur Eggs in Nest (tutorial)

Big Boo loves all things dinosaur (as do so many little boys I know) so when we found out his pre school were reading about them we decided to make some dino eggs for them to test out their palaeontological skills on!

I found this idea on Pinterest a few weeks ago and it has been a real hit (ha ha! See the photo at the end). Here are the ingredients for the eggs, and you will need some small plastic dinosaurs for the ‘fossils’:

You can get dried coffee grounds from most coffee shops, if you ask behind the counter they will probably pop some in a bag for you free of charge.



You need to pour the ingredients into a mixing bowl (or have your assistanthelp you)….





Then mix it all up.  Make sure you stir it well so there are no big lumps.




Next add the water a little at a time until it is wet enough to pick up and mould together into a ball.  Place some mixture in the bottom of a cup, add a dinosaur and top with more mixture.  Tip this out and use your hands to mould it in to an ‘egg’ shape… ta da!  One dino egg.

Now they need a while to dry out, I put ours in the airing cupboard for a couple of days, then bring them out and place them in your dinosaur nest, made of sand and mud (shredded paper and tissue paper).



Now all you need to do to become a real palaeontologist is grab a hammer and crack those babies open!


2 thoughts on “Dinosaur Eggs in Nest (tutorial)

    • Thanks, they are easy to make and if I remember rightly this batch made five or six eggs that could fit into the palm of my hand when slightly cupped. Have fun making them!

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