Dinosaur Costumes

I know we are well past the date, but just wanted to share these pictures of Big and Little Boo in their Halloween costumes.  Big Boo decided he wanted to dress up as a dinosaur this year and, as this was his first proper year joining in with the event, I had to oblige.  I made the tails a few months ago from this brilliant tutorial at Running with Scissors, and just had to add the hoodie with matching scales (or ‘armour plates’ as Big Boo told me).




It was fate that I found these hooded tops in a local shop in the exact colour to match their tails and I had some fabric left so they match up perfectly.  Big Boo thinks the tails are great for bashing bottoms with (!) and they both look really cute with the hood up (in my opinion).

We decorated our front door for the event with a huge monster face so visitors had to reach into his mouth to take a treat, if they dared.  It worked so well we may have to do the same next year.


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