Lined girls skirt


I made this lined, elasticated waist skirt for Litle Boo a couple of nights ago using this lovely Fawn print by Timber and Leaf. I am really pleased with the way the pattern has lined up so that there is a ‘ring’ of leaves around the base of the skirt and the deer are fairly central. I didn’t follow a pattern, just made it up as I went along, so I have no idea if I used a usual method or not, but maybe I will make a tutorial when I make another. The lining makes this skirt sit well, and makes it a little warmer for chilly mornings, though I do think this skirt screams spring.


4 thoughts on “Lined girls skirt

    • Hi, I agree, this timber and leaf print makes a great fabric. I’ve also made a dress in the grey colour way. The lining is simply pale blue poly cotton. I didn’t use 100% cotton as I didn’t want it to ‘stick’ to the outer fabric.

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