Number Recognition


This is a game we started playing about a month ago as Big Boo is getting into his reading and is starting to blend sounds, but his number recognition was pretty non existent, he just wasn’t interested. This game was the start of things. He instantly loved the dinosaur and sticker combo, rolling the dice to find out which number to cover to make his stegosaurus spotty. This along with some other games and great apps (which I may add a blog about soon) mean that a month on he recognises his numerals beyond 10 and is starting to do a bit of adding too. He can also count beyond 30 now with a bit of help, no great shakes but we are on the move. The good thing about the is you can adapt it easily to your child, draw a horse, a car, add star stickers, use paint dabblers, mix it up using whatever you have at home. Why not give it a try?


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