Hurry up Spring


Where is the sun??? Aren’t we all fed up of this cold, dreary weather? In an attempt to celebrate the first real day of spring (I know I am a couple of days late posting this blog, please excuse me) we embarked on a new canvas to celebrate our new season and replace our wintry snowflakes. Taking inspiration from here we set to work with tissue paper and watered down pva (school) glue to make our own spring fields. I am pretty pleased with how they turned out, the photos don’t give the bright colours justice.


The bowl is also made from tissue paper cut up and sprinkled in layers over a glue covered balloon, then left to dry before the balloon is popped. So easy to make, Big Boo found the cutting into tiny pieces a challenge, but loved sprinkling the ‘confetti’ – would have used real confetti but it was all pastel and horseshoe shaped, I wonder what a bowl made out of it would look like?


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