Kid’s Clothes Week Spring 2013

I’m feeling quite excited and more than a little nervous at having signed up for my first sewing challenge. The idea is that you commit to sewing children’s clothing for an hour each day for a week, with a beautiful (hopefully!) article or two to admire by the end of the challenge. This is all new for me. I have followed other challenges before, including the recent Celebrate The Boy series over at Made By Rae, but have decided to take the plunge as I stumbled on kcwc the other day. I’ve got my fingers crossed that I manage to keep up with it, and hope I can be a bit flexible if needed, doing 2 hours on one day if necessary…

I have just brought this cat and mouse fabric which I thought might make a cool dress for Little Boo, but who knows.

My current project is this mark two Geranium Dress. Following my previous encounter with this pattern (click here to see) where I was bowled over by the end look, I thought I would create a different version of the dress with a notch in the neck and small sleeves. I have nearly finished it but have run out of snap fasteners (darn!) so am champing at the bit for the store to open so I can get some more.


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