Puppy Print Tunic


I don’t always have great success when making my own clothes from scratch, patterns and all, but when Little Boo chose this fabric herself I had some idea of what I wanted to create, so I took the plunge, basing the shape on one of her current tops, and adding the details as they came to me. The shape of the sleeves with the curved cutout on the wrist side make it easier to pull on, and the velvet button on the front (you won’t see it on the main picture but will spot it on the bubble blowing one) was to pretty up where I decided to add a pleat after sewing the bias on the neckline (it turned out fine, but would put the pleat on first next time). The only problem with it is that it only just fits! I hope she’ll get a bit of wear from it, and I may be able to extend it’s life if I shorten the sleeves IF(!) it gets any warmer. Anyway, here it is, at least she likes the pups. Oh, and sorry I can’t manage to get any great shots, a pink milk bribe was the only way I could get her to sit still for even one minute…


No mummy I’m not looking, not even for a biscuit!


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