Indigo Stems Geranium Dress


I’ve finished this dress at last! All it needed was some snap fasteners but I was procrastinating about putting them on (I think because I was worried it was going to be too big for Little Boo). Now it is finally complete and I think it fits her really well – a size 4T on a just turned 2 year old!  I think she is pretty tall for her age… I will try to get a clearer picture once she takes it off, these are the usual ‘action’ pictures:

“I have no time to stop and pose Mummy, I am far too busy playing!”

You can get the pattern here at Made By Rae. She has some great tutorials and this one really is worth the money.

I’ve just linked this post to the pin addicts linky site, a challenge where you make something you have pinned on Pinterest and link it up for others to see.  It’s a great place to see what others are up to and get a little more inspiration.  Take a look by clicking here.


5 thoughts on “Indigo Stems Geranium Dress

    • Thanks Danielle, this is the prettiest of my three geranium dresses, I think. The others are in a little more quirky fabric and I like them all in different ways. It’s a great tutorial, perhaps it is something you’d try…

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