Birds, Cats, and a New Geranium

Oops, I’ve done something I didn’t mean to. We’ve had a busy few days making the most of the slightly warmer weather and the last few days of the Easter holidays.  On Saturday we visited a Bird Of Prey centre for my nephew’s birthday.  I’m not sure what I think of this sort of place, the tethered birds look so restricted and the cages too small, but I know they can be important for endangered species.  Anyway, Big and Little Boo loved it and got to hold a barn owl on their arm (well Daddy held the barn owl next to Little Boo) and were very excited about it.  I was amazed Big Boo had the confidence to do it. Here he is being very brave:


Later on that night when they were both in bed I made my mistake.  I went downstairs to my sewing machine, picked out the cat material I had earmarked for a geranium dress (my third, see my first and second here) for Little Boo, and started to cut and sew.  Oops.  That was my first challenge for kids clothes week.  Not sure what I am going to do now.  Oh well, at least I have this to look at whilst I try to find some inspiration (I’ll post some prettier pictures when Little Boo is in the mood)…



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