KCW What to sew?

Following my premature Geranium dress (see my previous post) I have been back to the drawing board and searching my Pinterest boards and others for inspiration for the KCW (Kids Clothes Week) challenge.  KWC is a great initiative set up by Elsie Marley running from 22nd April (next week!) where you sew for an hour each day to produce clothing for children.   This is the first of these sort of challenges I have joined and I am really excited if a little nervous as the standards seem to be very high.

So, my ideas so far are fairly varied and may well change, but I’ll share them with you.  I won’t get time to make all of these so some feedback would be greatly appreciated as to what you think would make good challenge pieces:

image This is actually a Jonnie Boden dress for older children and teens, but I like the simpleness of it (and the added bonus is that if it works well I could easily sew a grown up version for myself!). It’s about time I tried a new dress style so this is quite a likely contender I think.






image Next up is this bucket hat by Oliver and S. You can get the pattern for free here, but the bonus is I have this in a book so would have the pattern ready to go. Also this could be made for my daughter AND son (who I sew clothes for rarely).



image I have only tried appliqué once before, and I’m one of those terrible mums that rarely let’s their child wear t-shirts with pictures on the front. However Big Boo is SO into dinosaurs at the moment this might make a great clothing gift for his birthday. Quite an undertaking for me, and new techniques too… Find this template here, but I would probably make my own.


I’m also thinking of some shorts but have too many to choose from to put here. What do you think? You can see I am dreaming of the warmer weather.  It will come soon … wont it?
If you want to join in too click on the link below, then let me know, I’d love to follow your progress!


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