Pimp my pushchair

image I can’t help it, I just don’t like pink.  Never really have.  Now my daughter does like it (though not in a crazy way, but she is definitely more of a girl than I ever was). I also don’t really do dolls and all the paraphernalia that goes with them, but Little Boo does.  She likes to feed them, change their clothes, take them for walks … so when she got a pushchair she was really happy to have some thing to push around while Big Boo raced off on his scooter.  I, on the other hand – not so keen on the day glo pink.  What’s a mum to do? Bring out her sewing machine of course. Little Boo also loves horses (notice any stereotypes coming out here?!) therefore a compromise was found in the way of this gorgeous Michael Miller fabric. I opened up this tutorial, then added my own tweaks, making it reversible with a grey paisley print on the back (will add photo soon) sewing in elastic at the top as I joined the two fabrics, and using bias tape with interfacing for the straps. And I am quite pleased wiith the end results. Boo is too: image Of course a bag was required to carry baby’s bottles, cups, toys, etc.


There really wasn’t much wrong with the old pushchair, this is just my whim, and now  I can feel cool at the park again.

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