Birthday Boy and Volcano Cake

I’m aware that I haven’t posted for a while and I really keep meaning to. Life has been a bit hectic recently, and I have been crafting and sewing lots, but not had the time (or good weather outdoors) to take any nice photos. I’m holding off showing Little Boo’s new outfit until I can get some better pictures of her in it (as we have been back in winter coats and boots here – in May!), but I do have something to share with you here.

imageBig Boo has turned four this week (I can’t bear that he is growing up so quickly). He had a great birthday at the farm with me, his grandparents and cousin. He got a new ‘big boy’ maxi micro scooter – mainly so Little Boo can use his old one which has been pimped with a pink base board – her favourite colour she keeps telling me 😦 . However, his favourite gifts by far were his schleich dinosaurs and his prehistoric reptiles. He would probably have been happy just with his carnotaurus and styracosaurus (it’s crazy when you hear him using all of these names).

imageAnyway, he wants a dinosaur party again this year, so we are planning some new activities so that it isn’t the same as last year. He wouldn’t realise but it is nice for us to have a change. The party is tomorrow so I’ll blog about how they went once they have been child tested. He also requested a volcano cake, so after researching the Internet a friend and I spent yesterday afternoon creating our little masterpiece. It obviously isn’t professional standard, but we were both pretty chuffed with how it turned out, and so is my son. We took pics as we made, so I’ll add a mini tutorial when I have time and I have made a tutorial here if you would like to make one too.. I will be spending tomorrow morning trying to gently persuade him to let me put sparklers in the volcano hole (he’s a bit sensitive about all things noisy and sparky). But for now, it’s time to wrap the pass the parcel….



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