A new summer skirt…. for me!


Hooray! Finally I am starting to enjoy sewing for myself now that I am managing to produce some successful items that I actually want to wear.  I started cutting the fabric for this skirt last weekend and it has taken nearly a week to complete, only because it has been done in dribs and drabs when children were occupied / asleep. I mostly followed the tutorial here , and just tweaked it a little.

Originally I planned it to be a little longer so it hit my knee (and covered my tubby bits that I can’t seem to shift!) buy then I bit the bullet and chopped it shorter in the hope of making it look a bit more modern.


It’s lined with muslin, which was cheap at the shop, but I would probably use poly cotton another time as it is much easier to work with.

I love the pockets. They are lined with a pale blue and white butterfly print I had left over in my stash, and I like looking down and seeing a little contrast, just for me to see.  They were definitely worth the extra effort and have already been used lots.


Last night I was browsing some of my usual blog sites and founds this fab skirt week competition on crafterhours, so I posted this skirt, my boho maxi skirt, and Little Boo’s spotty elastic skirt. If you hop over there you will find lots of fab skirts along with some tutorials, and you can vote for your favourite skirt to win a prize. There are lots of way more skilled sewers that have entered, but I’m glad just to join in and put my pictures ‘out there’.


Anyway, for my next selfish sew (hey, that sounds like a good title for a regular  blog spot – maybe I should start one and use it to help me expand my own wardrobe?) I am planning on this play suit by salme. Just off to print out the pattern….

2 thoughts on “A new summer skirt…. for me!

  1. Love your new skirt! Hope you’ll post what you think of the Salme pattern. We’ve worked with two of them now and found the pattern for the Lydia blouse to be light on instructions. Plus, the final result was very different from the picture. Hope your play suit turns out perfectly and renews our faith in Salme. Because the patterns look so modern and lovely . . .

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