A flop to a top.


I recently purchased a couple of lovely sewing books by Yoshiko Tsukiori, one of which is the Girl’s Style Book.  The book itself is beautifully presented with lovely clear and simple photos, and some of the patterns really caught my eye.


I decided to start with what appeared to be a relatively easy garment, a sleeveless shirt with a round neck (no collar). The plain white linen example in the book looks gorgeous however, having none of that to hand, I settled on this fabric from my stash.  I think I had the idea that the flying cranes would lend a Japanese feel to the top.  I decided to make the shirt in a larger size for Little Boo, but not add any seam allowance (which is NOT printed on the pattern) so it wasn’t too big. Maybe this is where I went wrong.  I don’t think this should affect the actual working of the top and have been successful using this method before, but for whatever reason I came to a BIG problem part way thought the sewing.  I expect you could have some idea what this problem was by now, if you look at the finished top, and know that it is meant to be a shirt!


I sewed the plackets for the top as small as I could, already thinking there may be an issue, but when I tried lining up the side seams for sewing, it was clear that the front of the shirt was no where close to touching, let alone overlapping for button closure… Back to the drawing board!

Rather than scrapping the project I added a length of fabric to the front of the top to enclose it and added an ‘easy peasy button closure to the back (look on craftiness is not optional for a a tutorial). I toyed with adding buttons for a fake shirt effect, but decided to save them for another project.

Though this isn’t in my list of favourite projects, I am glad that I have ended up with something wearable as I love the fabric.  I’d love to hear from anyone else who has made this top to find out if theirs was a success.
Just to finish, a few extra pictures of my so compliant model!

Open your eyes, Boo!


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