A tasty Barbie Girl – cake!


Our second birthday cake! My friend and I made this a few weeks ago after a mum admired the volcano cake that we created for Big Boo’s Dinosaur party. Her little girl is princess crazy and we (crazily!) offered to make a Barbie cake for her. The volcano cake turned out so well (I hope you agree!) because it didn’t need to be polished, it was a stony volcano with rubble and lava.


The Barbie cake ,however, should be perfection, smooth, no bumps or unintended ripples. Luckily I had my super cake maker friend on hand with some nifty tricks (such as – use cling film to smooth the sides of your crumb icing layer!), but it was still much harder to create a good finish, and we ended up turning the Barbie doll around at the end because the back looked better than the front.


Well, whatever we thought, the recipient – daughter and mum – were both suitably pleased with the results and it tasted good too, so all boxes ticked (phew! There is so much more pressure creating for someone else). The only problem is that her friend wants to commission us to make one for her daughter, and we swore we would only make one Barbie cake…

PS: Here is the proof that we did make it. I thought about making a mini tutorial but wasn’t sure people would be interested. If you do want to know (you can probably figure it out yourself anyway, or find one made by a professional!) just drop me a line.


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