Easy as ABC Maxi (plus tutorial link)!

I decided to take the plunge and have a go at sewing with jersey…. and I love the outcome! After a good look around on favourite blogs and searching through google, I took a few ideas I had collected and created my own method for making this skirt.  I just couldn’t see why I would need to create a separate waistband of exactly the same width, so I haven’t!  I’m really pleased with the result and have even had a few comments from people I don’t know so I guess it doesn’t look too homemade.


These skirts are fab because they can be dressed up or down, casual with a t-shirt or smarter with a necklace and jacket.

The waistband (with this fabric at least) doesn’t add too much thickness around this area (no one wants that…) either.


If you fancy making one, click here for a tutorial or on the tutorial picture.  Though some of the explanation seems a bit lengthy, it really is simple.  You just cut two pieces of fabric and sew them up the side.  How easy?  I dare you to make this faster than you can say “wow! What an easy peasy maxi” and see how many compliments you can clock up.

If you like this skirt why not take a look at:


4 thoughts on “Easy as ABC Maxi (plus tutorial link)!

  1. Looks super cute and comfy. I am going to try to use your method and make a few for my 2 year old. She loves dresses and skirts and I think this would be fun and comfy for her for lounging or running errands. I might even make a few for myself!

    • That’s great, I’d love to see them. I thought I might set up a Flickr pool to share everyone’s as I seem to be having great response for this skirt and would love to see some finished products. Hope your daughter likes them too, sadly don’t think mine is elegant enough for a long skirt…

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