Holidays and hunting for fossils.

Don’t you just love the summer?  I’ve just returned from a great holiday with my family, 16 of us, four generations, all under one roof- no arguments- just fun, relaxation, good food, sea, pool and sun. With 7 children (ranging from 2 to 11) you never know quite what is going to happen, but everything went pretty smoothly and nobody wanted to leave at the end of the week.

imageMy son was in his element as our holiday home was on the Jurassic coast, and if you read this blog you will know that he’s a real dinosaur obsessive. We visited a dinosaur museum, and with a real life palaeontologist on hand (my father) we had to try our hand at a little fossil finding.

My father brought each grandchild their own geological hammer and safety goggles and I was tasked with the job of making bags for them all.. and here they are:

image They are made with calico fabric (just like my dad’s real hammer bag!) and I used iron on transfer paper (which was really cheap from Ebay-about £2.50 for 5 sheets and I used 2) to print an ammonite design and name from the computer and then iron them onto the fabric once made.

I am super impressed at the transfer results, not only do they look quite matt, rather than shiny, but there is no obvious line around the ammonite, (I cut really close to the image as recommended on the transfer paper instructions). If you have a go, just remember to flip any text so that it is mirrored, otherwise your words will be back to front when you iron them on!

image The children were so excited when they looked inside the bags, and what child wouldn’t love to wield their very own hammer (after a health and safety talk from their grandfather of course!)? I have some resources left and am thinking of a new, bigger dinosaur bag for Big Boo’s ever expanding dino collection.  I’ll try and make a simple tutorial with more details so watch this space.

I’ll leave you with a picture of my budding palaeontologists, ready to go with their bags, and in action hunting for their own ammonites.



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