Blanket fit for a horse!

ImageWe interrupt this sewing with an important news flash – a horse has been spotted in the Suffolk area with neither blanket nor eye mask to protect him from the sunshine in the current balmy weather. Cue Super Sewing Mummy – to the rescue!

Poor Maximus! If any of you have little girls and know the film Tangled (Disney’s take on Rapunzel) you may recognise this fine beast, if you can manage to spot him under his disguise!

ImageLittle Boo helped me (watched me) measure up Maximus, cut the curve around his neckline, attach the fluffy fleecy lining and add Velcro straps.  She did manage to poke out the corners once the blanket was turned.

ImageAnd once it was carefully placed on his back did she squeal in delight? Yes… but this was quickly followed with an impatient “Cover his eyes, Mummy!”.

Cue a tiny eye mask, fastened with elastic. Now look at that stallion – doesn’t he look fine!?

ImageBoo had to put on her matching skirt and get Maximus ready for a walk in the pushchair to get him to have a sleep in all his new cosy gear. Worked a treat for her too… which left me with a little quiet time to work on my real sewing project in preparation for Autumn.  I’ll be posting soon.  Yee-ha!



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