Willow and Co Clover Shorts

Riding high on my success with the Willow and Co Ash Pants I decided to have a go at sewing up another of their new patterns, this time the Clover Shorts. I am so glad I did, these have risen right up to the top of my favourite children’s patterns, along side the Geranium dress. They were so easy to sew, I followed the pattern without any trouble, only making a few changes- no belt loops or sash (the busy material didn’t need them, I thought), and added interfacing to to the front waistband for a little extra stiffness here.

The size 4 pattern fits my tall 3 year old perfectly, and the puffy pleat version adds a little bit of girliness without being too over the top for my tastes.

The pockets are the right size for little hands, and always appreciated for holding collections of stones, conkers and (current favourite) helicopter seeds.

They are perfect for running about on the grass on a sunny day, or for terrorising the new cat (named Sausage by my son!). This fabric is 150 year celebration fabric from John Lewis in the UK. It is quite pricey, but these were made in less than half a metre, and I think it is worth it.

I leave you with a picture of Boo practising her newest skill, the curtsy. Now if only the pattern came in adult sizing….

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