Oliver and S Sailboat Pants


At last have made some of these lovely Oliver and S sailboat pants. I have been coveting these ever since I saw this lovely elephant version made by Gail on the probablyactually website (if you haven’t visited before, you should go and take a look – it is fantastic!). I made these in Essex linen and used the size 4 pattern. Little Boo is only just 2, so they look a bit more like short trousers than Capri length, but they are great for when the weather is trying to be good but not quite managing it (we seem to be having quite a lot of that at the moment).

I love the button detailing on the front, nicely modelled here by a very compliant model:


“Boo, where is your tummy button?”

However, I am a bit lazy, so next time I make these (which I am sure I will) I may cheat and just sew the buttons on without buttonholes as the elastic in the back means they are not necessary. I may also try a bit of contrast fabric on the sides, or even some piping. I’m desperate to try piping, but can’t find any to buy, so may have to follow a tutorial to create my own, we’ll see.

Of course these have also been tested for scooter suitability and passed the test…

image… and have lots of room for bending. They also have a cute side split in the leg, which you can catch a glimpse of here.


I definitely plan to use this pattern again, maybe with some more funky fabric, so watch this space…