Willow and co. Ash Pants


Have you seen the new willow and co. patterns yet? The look book is full of inspiration and obviously appealed to me as I have succumbed to this pattern while it is still very new – something unusual for me.


These pants come as part of a jumpsuit pattern, so you also get a top pattern, full suit and these trousers- 3 pieces of clothing all rolled into one! I chose the trousers to make in the knowledge that my daughter most likely would refuse to wear the top as it is a bit frilly around the neck with the ruffles. Also, I like the trousers best- so it’s win win.


The pattern was really easy to follow and sew up. I did french seam the front and back centre seams for added strength and top stitched them down so they didn’t rub at all. I even went for the ruffle effect on the waistband (which I thought may be too much, but is actually quite sweet). The pockets were a plus for Boo, though she did comment that she would like them bigger, and next time I think I would use the largest pattern size rather than middle, as she can only just get her hands in them.

As soon as Boo put these on she said “These feel like pyjamas Mummy.” This could be a compliment as they are so comfy, or may mean they end up being worn in bed. I don’t mind if they do as they were so quick to make. I do think I’ll make another pair in chambray which may look a little more like day wear, and I expect they will be worn lots as they are so comfy.


Sadly our British weather seems to be hanging on to April showers even though we are well into May, so these photos were taken on a blustery afternoon and are the best of the bunch- taken in 2 minutes flat. Take a look at the funk fly-away hair below!


If you need a simple trouser pattern, that could be also used to make summer shorts and pyjamas, then I’d definitely recommend these. Watch this space for more examples..


Blank Slate Dinosaur Coastal Cargo Shorts


Finally, some clothing for my son! Why do clothes for girls always seem so much more fun to make? I think they are certainly easier anyway.  This was my first foray into welt pockets and a real life functional zip so I am mighty pleased that I have managed to produce a working pair of trousers.


Big Boo was happy to put on his brand new mummy made shorts (I don’t think they will be worn rolled down much) for a couple of reasons:

1- They have black on them, his favourite colour.

2- They have….dinosaurs in the pocket!


I’m one of those mean mums that doesn’t let many image adorned items of clothing into my children’s wardrobes, so this was a big deal.  It was made even better as the giganotosaurus (big dino) kept biting Daddy’s finger when he put it in the pocket….”Do it again Daddy!”

To be honest as I was making these I was almost cursing my decision to buy the pattern as I had to unpick and adjust the zip again, but I think this was my inexperience rather than problems with instructions. And when I finally finished, I was actually pretty chuffed with the results (even if the zip is a bit duff).  They have passed for shop bought, and passed the scoot test (seems to be becoming the norm clothes test for my children).


The only major issues I have is… they only just fit! I made size 4 based on my slim Jim normally fitting this size, but I’m just thankful that Little Boo likes dinosaurs too, as I think these may be modelled by a girl near here in the not too distant future.


“These dino pants make me want to ROAR!” (And sport funky 70’s hair!)

If you fancy making your own funky boy ‘Coastal Cargos’ find the pattern for sale here.

PS: sorry for blurry pictures, I promise to do better next time. 😦