Independence Day Geranium

Happy 4th July! Today has been hot and sunny and our little UK town has been celebrating Independence Day with fairs, festivities and picnics. We live fairly near to some large US air bases so there is a high percentage of American children at School and pre school here.
America week has been running since Monday and Big Boo has come home with flags, Native American bracelets and head dresses, an American cent (“Now we can go to America one day Mummy- I have the money!”), and hot dog picnics.

I had already bought this fabric with plans of a jersey Geranium dress, and it turned out to be perfect for Boo to wear (along with her red and white striped underwear!) for her pre school celebrations.

I altered the sewing a bit and stitched the head hole first to give a nice finish, then pressed the arm holes in place to sew them up after turning the bodice the right way (I did line the bodice, and it gives the dress a bit more stability). These photos are second day of wearing and I should have ironed the turned up hem and the sleeves, but they do look quite smart when pressed- I promise!

Boo started off happy to be photographed but got fed up quite soon as you can see here!

I hope those of you celebrating today have a great time!


Dinosaur Messenger Bag – A Bag For A Boy


I always feel a little guilty when I present Little Boo with a new top or dress to wear (not that she takes the blind bit of notice, she would wear a sack happily) and when I was sewing gifts (like the horse drawstring bag and bike basket) for her second birthday, Big Boo did ask “when are you going to sew something for me mummy?”. I felt the guilt creep into me and decided to put the imbalance right.  This is what I came up with, and it has actually been more of a hit than I thought it would be – well anything with dinosaurs will get a smile from him so I new I had a good start.  This bag has actually been carted full of toys on two trips away already, and I have plans for this bag once we get the weather for regular park trips…


I actually made this up a few weeks ago, but have only just got around to posting it after reading about this bag on ticklespink earlier today. Big Boo was actually happy to pose for a photo shoot (don’t let the grumpy face fool you, and don’t you just love the unbrushed 70’s hair!).  I think he is starting to enjoy seeing himself in photos – egotistical little boy! The pattern came from merriment design and was super easy to follow with clear photos.  I might make one for Little Boo with horses on…..(sh don’t tell her brother).