Dinosaur Egg Piñata Tutorial


I had been thinking about a piñata for Big Boo’s birthday, but was unsure how other people would feel about us bashing a dinosaur or another animal.  Then I came across a picture of some paper mâché eggs on Pinterest and had the idea for these dino egg piñata’s that can be ‘cracked open’.  They actually turned out really well though they do take a time to make.  If you would like a go here is how:



First blow up a balloon. Find a pint jug or wide vase to stand it in. Make up a mixture of half pva (or school) glue and half water in an old pot or jar. Rip up some strips of paper, I just used some recycled A4. Cover the balloon with the glue mixture and place the paper over the glue, using more glue to stick the paper down onto the balloon. Continue until the balloon is covered except for a small opening around the balloon tie. Repeat until the balloon has been covered with 3 layers of paper.

Set aside to dry overnight.


Once the paper has dried hard, prize it off the vase or jug and, using scissors, hold on to the balloon tie and make a cut in the visible balloon. If you keep hold of the tie the balloon will deflate and peal away from the sides of the paper until you are able to pull it out of the ‘egg’.


Now use scissors to cut a line from the opening about half way up the balloon and stuff with your chosen piñata treats. We used dinosaur masks so that the children could put them on to pretend to be the emerging dinosaurs.
Use some more glue and ripped paper to cover the cut and the open end where you pulled the balloon through. This may need a few layers to strengthen it. Leave to dry again.

Now mix up some egg coloured paint (I mixed white with a little red and green to make light brown, then added a little yellow to make it a warmer colour) and mix in a little glue to help it stick and add a little shine. Leave to dry again, then take outside and flick some blue paint onto the eggs to make a ‘speckled egg’ effect.


Grab some sticks to make a nest and place the completed eggs on top, three look good together. Now wait for a group of excited children to come and help them crack open!


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