Easiest Jersey Maxi Skirt Tutorial!

imageWhen I decided to make a maxi skirt I started by taking a look at all the great tutorials already about, but ended up making my own and have blogged about it here, and below is a quick tutorial to make your own.  I say quick, because it is so simple just 2 pieces of material and 2 lines of stitches and you are done, now that’s what I call easy! I managed to make this skirt from just over 1 metre of material, it is extra wide at 60 inches, and I am a uk size 8 to 10.

To follow this tutorial your fabric will need to be knit so that it has a bit of stretch and doesn’t fray. Mine was viscose elastase mix and has a bit of stretch, but not so much as your regular t-shirt.

So, let’s get going.  This tutorial really is just one picture, this skirt is all in the cutting! Lay your fabric out folded in half width ways (selvage to selvage) with right sides together- so you can draw on the wrong side.

You may be able to make the pattern by just looking at this picture. If not there are instructions below. I hope they make sense, it is really simple but took some words to explain the lines.


Start by measuring from the floor to where you want the top of your skirt to be (I made mine so it sits just below my tummy button, which ended up as 1metre). You can put on a skirt you like wearing and measure to the top of that waistband if it helps. This will be the long red line measurements.

You also need to check your waist measurement and half it.  Either measure your waist at the point of your waistband with a tape measure and half this, or measure your favourite skirt’s waistband. Start by measuring from the bottom of your fabric up and marking the length you want you skirt to be (to the waistband, mine was 1 metre). Mark this on the left and right edge of the fabric. Now take your waist measurement halved (I have a 28 in waistband so half was 14 inches). Find the centre point of your fabric between the two points you have just marked and work out on each side until you have you have your halved waist measurement. So I measures 7 inches to each side of the centre point to give me a 14 inch half waist measurement. This will be the short blue line measurement.

*If you are using a very stretchy fabric, you may want to take half an inch off each end of this waist line, which will bring the waist in by 2 inches overall, to give a more snug fit.

Draw a line up from each end of the waistband about 6 inches (the short red line on the picture), it can be longer if you want more fold over.

Now simply draw a line from the bottom of the waistband to the edge of your material, or if you want a specific measurement for the bottom, mark that and draw to each end of it. You should end up with a rectangular waistband shape on top of the triangular skirt shape, no need to sew the waistband on (hooray)!

Cut out both pieces of fabric and turn them over so that they are right sides together. Use a knit stich on your sewing machine to sew down both sides from the top of the waistband right to the bottom.  My stitch looks like a zig zag split into 3 lines:

imagecheck your manual if you are not sure of the best stitch.

It’s done! Now put the skirt on, fold the waist band in half into the skirt so the wrong sides of material touch, then fold it out to make the band.  This way you get the length just where you want it.

If you want to you can hem the skirt, but I didn’t as this material won’t fray. You could also fold the waist in half and sew a few stitches on each side on the seam so you don’t have to fold it each time, but again I am happy to just fold and go!

I hope you have fun making one of these, they really are super easy!
I have just set up a Flickr group for this skirt so please PLEASE add a photo of your own fab creations for me to see and give others inspiration… I can’t wait to see some:
If you like this skirt why not take a look at:

68 thoughts on “Easiest Jersey Maxi Skirt Tutorial!

  1. Sooo cute! Thanks for the tutorial. Also, I love that skirt fabric. Do you remember where you got it? I’ve only ever found cute knits on Girl Charlie. Thanks! – Katie

    • Hi, I live in the UK and this comes from my local John Lewis shop. Don’t think this will help you, sorry. Glad you like it and hope you find some you like, this skirt is so easy to make it’s worth the fabric hunt!

    • Another place to find nice jersey fabrics is on etsy.com at funkalicious. I just ordered pink and white tye-dye fabric and I’ll use it to make this skirt!

    • OH, John Lewis. We lived in UK in mid-90’s and I LOVED their sewing dept. Great quality and selection and the staff! “Madam, you will need 2 1/2 metres for a shirt waist dress and eight 5/16 buttons.” Fond memories.

    • Hi, I’m sure you would be able to find one if you do an internet search, but this skirt is made using your own measurements so should fit you just as you want. The stretchy material is pretty forgiving too!

  2. did you have a problem with the ends rolling since it is jersey knit? I haven’t figured out an easy way to keep it from rolling.

  3. I hemmed mine an put ribbon on the bottom but after it got washed I still curled a little bit. Any tips?

  4. Gorgeous fabric but do find it to be a bit see through? Just followed the tutorial to make a maxi in cotton jersey but it is a bit sheer, is viscose better?

    • My skirt turned out fine and still holds it shape after many washes. It is slightly thicker jersey and less stretchy than some jersey fabrics. T-shirt material may be too thin and I wonder if it may stretch out of shape more easily. Hope this helps.

  5. Oh so cute. I can’t wait to start one. I do have one question. I want to make one for my daughter. On your picture tutorial about you have the bottom width as 30-40 inch across. How many inches do you recommend for a girls skirt. She is 7. Thank you. amberkay@gmail.com.

    • I haven’t made a mini version but following some checking on the net I have seen some for this age group about 23 inches width (so 46 inches around). You’d have to check this out, maybe by eye would be enough as you don’t need to be exact with this skirt. Just remember, if you cut it too wide you can always easily narrow it down by sewing an extra line a bit further in, so go wide rather than narrow. Hope it turns out well- I’d love to see the finished product!

  6. This looks so easy…..I have been looking for a maxi skirt for the petite girl that has hips!! This should work great. Can’t wait. Thanks.

  7. Do I have to cut two pieces of fabric and sew both sides? I’m hoping that I could fold the material in half, measure the 6 inches for the waistband and then cut only the one side on a diagonal while the other side is on a fold. Would this work?

    • I think you would need to cut the diagonal on both sides if you want the skirt to be symmetrical when complete. If you leave one side straight you will probably end up with an asymmetrical design, which might be interesting or may just look uneven. You could try it, but it really doesn’t take long to sew the two sides any way. Good luck!

  8. I bought fabric yesterday and am going to try making one for my 7 year old 2 year old and myself today. I hope it’s as easy as you make it sound.

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    • You can buy needles specifically for knit fabrics for your machine, it has a slightly rounder point that should glide between the threads in your fabric. You should be able to get them online or at your local haberdashers. Hope that will help you!

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  11. Yay, I did it. I’ve actually made a skirt using jersey!! I was very nervous about it stretching out of shape while I tried to sew it. But ballpoint needle and your wonderful simple tutorial and it’s done! Thank you ☺

  12. This is my first clothing sewing project, thank you for the tutorial. Question…. When I fold the waistband over, it is the wrong side of the fabric. Is this right?

    • If you turn the fabric inside first, the right side of the fabric will ‘show’, then it is up to you but I fold the fabric back down on the outside to give a nice waistband finish. You can tack the fabric in place at the sides if you want to keep it like that, but I like to fold it over each time I wear it to get the length I like, depending on my shoes/ outfit. Hope you enjoy wearing your skirt!

  13. BTW, I forgot to ask how do you measure your waistband? Is it half of the waist+1″? I’m using shantong fabric and I’ll be using zipper for this.

    • Hi, my maxi used stretchy fabric so I halved my waist and deducted an inch so that it was a snug fit. If your fabric is woven you will need to have a bit more space so could add 1 inch. But you will need to make sure it is wide enough at the hips too.

      • Thanks Beck. your blog helps me a lot. This is my first project, hope I can make it. I’m just only relying through tutorial blogs.

  14. I’m confused after you sew the two pieces together the waist band part confused me. Do I have to sew something on the waistband or do I just fold it over? Can you let me know please.

    Thank you very much!

    Cindy Stotts

    • I just fold the waistband in on itself in half, then fold it back out again. You can add a couple of hand stitches at this point if you want to keep it like that, but I just fold it each time I wear it, then I can adjust the skirt length according to the shoes I am wearing. Hope that helps you.

    • I’m not sure how well it would work with knit fabric as you need to use a stretch stitch on the sewing machine, but you could give it a try and see. Sorry I dNt be of more help. Let me know how it goes if you do try!

  15. I bought heavy swimsuit fabric for this. I’m going to try it. You can do this by hand if you lock each stitch wiith a loop…..stretch the fabric…knot it with a slip knot stretch fabric do again. The stitches end up loose and looped inside….go back and do again to make.closer together

    am i saying this clearly??

  16. Do you think it would be okay to slightly elasticate the waistband for a snug fit as I have a tummy problem so if the waist band was to go over my tummy it would need to give and return

    • Not sure if you mean you want it to be tight or loose, but my skirts I have made have fairly loose waists as they just give according to the knit fabric. If you want them tighter you could try sewing some elastic to the top of the band. Hope that helps.

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  18. My daughter and I made one last week – fun and easy! We are struggling to find material that isn’t too thin. I have found some poly/spandex blends rather than jersey. Anyway – wondering if you have a suggestion for how to double the material to make it not so thin?

    • Glad you enjoyed it. I think if you doubled up it may look baggy at the bottom. I just shopped around rather than buying online fabric so that I could check the weight of it. Happy searching!😀

  19. Hi Becky, Just wanted to say a very big thank you for such an amazing well explained tutorial, best one I’ve ever seen (and believe, I’ve seen a lot) I’ve signed up to your blog, looking forward to more excellent tutorials. Thank you again for keeping it simple for simple folk like me. Off now to sew this beautiful skirt. 😜👍

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