Shorts Trim Tutorial (to match Geranium tunic)


This is a really quick and simple way to re-use an old pair of jeans and turn them into a pretty pair of shorts. Sorry the photos aren’t up to scratch – must do better next time, but I hope they suffice!

First draw a line using a ruler across the jeans legs where you want to cut the, off. My line was determined by the gaping hole in one knee. I measured the length on the outside leg from the bottom of the pocket to the line and checked both legs matched this measurement so they lined up correctly. Now cut along the line!

Next measure the width at the bottom of the leg hole and multiply by 2 to get the circumference of the hole. Take a piece of fabric and cut it this length plus 1 inch (seam allowance) by about 10 inches high. You can make it slightly deeper or shorter than this depending on how big you want your turn ups, this worked fine for my just 2year old. Sew right sides together with a half inch seam allowance. Cut in half  so you have two turn ups 5 inches high.

Turn your jeans inside out. Now take the fabric and slot it OVER the jeans leg wrong sides facing with any print pointing upward.

Pin and sew around the leg opening, I used a 1/4 inch seam allowance but you could do 1/2 inch, it’s up to you. Press.

Now turn your jeans right side out, press the added fabric in half so that it just touches the bottom of the jeans, then fold and press again. You can play around here with how much you fold for the first press if you want a deeper turn up. I left it at this, but you could now top stitch the turn up in place or hand sew a few stitches at each side of the turn ups on the inside so that they are invisible but hold them in place. Now stand back and take a look, aren’t they pretty!


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