Dinosaur Mars Bar Nests Recipe


Following the Easter Egg theme, Big Boo fancied making some edible dinosaur nests for his velociraptors to protect. After searching the net, I mixed up some ideas and came up with my own recipe. It’s nothing new, but made lovely chewy nests that didn’t flake apart when the children picked them up. Here is the recipe:

50g butter
4 mars bars
4 large shredded wheat
Mini eggs or similar

To make simply melt butter in microwave (or in a pan, but I had little ones making so this was easier).
Cut mars bars into thin slices and add to butter.
Next microwave for about 30 seconds, stopping to stir halfway.
Stir and heat for a little longer if not melted, but be careful not to heat for too long.
Break shredded wheat into tiny pieces and stir into chocolate mixture.
Finally Spoon into cake cases, add a couple of eggs and pop in the fridge to cool. Done!

Now just add some dinosaurs for the final effect, but watch out that your tyrannosaurus doesn’t try to snatch any eggs (look carefully at the picture above). And if you liked these, why not try making some dinosaur eggs that you can tap open yourself with a hammer like a true palaeontologist! Find the tutorial here. Have fun!

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